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About Us

IPDC Store is a unit of an educational NGO - Swaminarayan Vidhyapith - and is stands for the Integrated Personality Development Course - IPDC.

IPDC is a two-semester, credit-based course for government and private educational institutions. It focuses on moral and character development and is dedicated to providing holistic value-based education to the youth.

IPDC supports the requirements of the National Education Policy-2020 to “build character, enable learners to be ethical, rational, compassionate, and caring, while at the same time prepare them for gainful, fulfilling employment” [National Education Policy - NEP 2020, Page 3].

It provides high-quality lesson content on the digital platform to the institutes which offers IPDC course. Please note that IPDC does not take any fees from the students or educational institutes for the course or digital platform. IPDC only sells students, the discounted priced workbooks which is an integral part of the course.

Also, selling these engaging workbooks at a discounted price is a kind of social service to the educational sector.

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